Our Business Interest

Leading us to consider other people and their affairs by bringing the best industry standards.

Construction and Real Estate

Sri Lanka’s construction industry has been a major beneficiary of the country’s rapid economic development over the past years.

We can provide the necessary expertise required to clients in meeting the regulatory processes and advising the clients on the local market conditions and processes. We strive to bring new innovative methods into the construction industry through new technologies.

Hotel and Leisure

Sri Lanka, a small island set in the Indian Ocean in South Asia, is one of the few places in the world that can offer the traveller a unique combination of experiences that includes breath taking landscapes, pristine beaches, captivating cultural heritage and some of best sights of wild life.

Prosperous (Pvt) Ltd, has invested in key locations and sites and strives towards creating best experiences for the tourist market in Sri Lanka.

Currently we have initiated a hotel project valued at US Dollars 40 Million, overseeing a scenic beach view, in the heart of Colombo.

Infrastructure Projects

Following the end of a 30 year war in 2009, Sri Lanka’s economy is transforming from a rural based agriculture economy towards a more urbanized economy driven by services. Infrastructure development has been a key sector that is contributing towards uplifing Sri Lanka as a major trading hub in Asia.

We provide cost effective and a comprehensive A – Z solution to clients of the public and private sector that covers from project inception, feasibility, detailed design to execution of the project with high quality.


Sri Lanka is blessed with the abundance of aquatic resources that comprise of ofshore, coastal and fresh water fsheries as well as coastal and fresh water aqua culture. Te scope for aqua culture development in Sri Lanka is huge and the Government has identifed this by introducing initiatives to promote this segment.

Prosperous (Pvt) Ltd has shown keen interest in the industry through its subsidiary Continental Sea Food (Pvt) Ltd, in developing and promoting aquaculture projects in the coast line of Sri Lanka

Power & Renewable Energy

Prosperous (Pvt) Ltd, has always embedded its values towards creating sustainability and promoting a greener environment.

We focus on developing renewable energy in the Sri Lankan and other emerging markets and provide expertise in delivering projects with cutting edge technologies and high value addition through in-depth local market knowledge and understanding of the local processes.


Te apparel industry is the biggest export earner for Sri Lanka. Prosperous (Pvt) Ltd, has been in the Wholesale and Retail apparel trade since 1997, over the years the business has cultivated a wide network of buyers locally and internationally.

Prosperous Asia Pvt Ltd is the subsidiary that handle the garment apparel whole sale and retail trade under the holding company of prosperous.

Our Value Additions

Total Solution Provider for Investors

Our services will help clients deal with many different challenges from all aspects of the projects from evaluation of the opportunity, setting up the SPV, project proposal, helping them getting around the biding process, overcoming regulatory barriers, partnering with partners that will help drive the project in the correct direction and help timely closure of financials. The business understanding of the local context will add value for the clientele to leverage the already existing network of contacts to drive the projects to be successfully completed in a timely and a successful manner.

Total Solution Provider for Investors

  • Structuring SPV
  • Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Local Partnering & Project Management
  • Liaison Partner with Authorities and Ministries
  • Site Sourcing for Projects
  • Feasibility study for Projects
  • Procurement
  • Technical Assistance

A to Z Solution Provider for Investors


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