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Our Story

PROSPEROUS (PVT) LTD, was incorporated in 2016, to consolidate the wide business interests of the shareholder. Over the years the family business has journeyed through various industries, such as importation, sale of automobiles, garments, infrastructure development and building construction.

It all began during the 1970s’ when the family business started thriving through the importation of automobiles to the local market. Within a short span the business became the largest importer of motor vehicles to Sri Lanka. Importing vehicles from Japan, Singapore and UK. 1990s, the family business decided to diversify and focused on real estate development in the Sri Lanka, united Kingdom and United states of America.

Prosperous (Pvt) Ltd, has always been an early mover of bringing in new concepts and products to the market, such as being the second biggest internet company in Sri Lanka under the identity of Comtech Global Access.

Prosperous (Pvt) Ltd, has vested interests in Retail and Wholesale of the apparel sector. Having identified the strong demand from foreign and local buyers, the family business has strongly focused its roots to this industry.

Today, Prosperous (Pvt) Ltd, is a diversified business conglomerate. It has a strong brand name among the industries of the retail and wholesale apparel, construction, Infrastructure development and business consulting and advisory services.

The success of the business has helped develop and nurture mutual business relationship with many multinational, multilateral business entity and global conglomerates.

Our Management

Mr. Shamraz Yehiya

Mr. Shamraz Yehiya

Chairman / Director

Mr. Shamraz Yehiya took over the family business in 1997, and since then has not taken a step back and today has integrated all the family businesses under the umbrella of Prosperous (Pvt) Ltd. From the time Mr. Shamraz entered into the family business, he has focused on many facets of the business and at the same time kept a keen eye on new opportunities and technological developments.

Mr. Shamraz brings a wealth of industry experience and business acumen to the company. He is actively involved in industries such as real estate development, building construction, infrastructure development, aquaculture, business consulting, etc.

Mr. Shamraz has a special talent in identifying and acquiring profitable business contracts. He is also a successful and balanced negotiator, ensuring all parties reach a win-win situation. The visionary leadership, Industry knowledge and vast client network has been a strong asset for the development of Prosperous (Pvt) Ltd.

Our Industries

Construction and Real Estate

Hotel and Leisure

Infrastructure Projects


Power & Renewable Energy



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